The British Council and EAQUALS have joined together to create a core curriculum inventory for the English language based around key. Sheehan, Susan () The British Council/EAQUALS core curriculum inventory – the core of English taught at CEFR levels A1 to C1. If you have been following the development of the “core inventory” by the British Council, in association with EAQUALS, all this will sound.

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If one thought that all teaching materials looked the same before, then developments like this can only accentuate that sinking feeling. He prefers drinking to dancing. Man in sinking car: Bonus points are awarded for the longest meaningful exchanges such as: I tend to agree. Have we been wasting our time?

The Core Inventory for General English – Eaquals

No reference to current research on sequences of development in interlanguage and how it links to a list like this — am I asking too much? Native speakers have a well-known weakness of not being able to supply common chunks and collocations when put on the spot; the common phraseology of a discourse community is the currency of that community — and in the same way as there are 5-pound notes and 10 pound note but not 3.

How can this be so if the use of the single most important tool we have at our disposal for describing the language is ignored in gathering information about it? It comes as no surprise then that coursebook syllabuses have been used to compile the Core Inventory, and yes, I agree that in many ways this might be perceived as a step backwards.

About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. And, as its compilers repeatedly insist: Try working those into a dialogue!

C is for Core Inventory | An A-Z of ELT

Each student had a profile that was more jagged than the Alpine range. We think you have liked this presentation. This project de facto promotes a bottom-up approach to both learning and teaching. The writers disingenuously warn against its use as a template for course design or testing.


Thanks for that insight into how the data were collected, Adam. Thanks for the comment, Antonia.

Overestimating what ss are capable of A1 — definite and indefinite articles!!!!! Students make pairs or small groups and select sentences from the lists. Unfortunately, the results seem to suggest that participants were explaining when they had been teaching these structures rather than when they felt they should.

I went through it and whipped out all the competencies it listed for each of the levels. Basically, they might as well have suggested we open the Headway series at the contents pages and see how they suggest it be done. This is quite fun. Scot, give me something to hang upon, I am new, and if you dismiss the core inventory, then tell me where mys I look for help.

The Core Inventory for General English

I guess I am asking too much — what would have been good to see would be a version of Longman Grammar of Written and Spoken English Biber et al, except eaqualx pedagogic version with a look at common spoken and written discourse types and then frequency lists of chunks and bundles appearing therein.

Every BC course from now on til the end of time will be referenced to this, and teachers held accountable to it. So the Inventory is surely another step in this process of standardisation? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I assume that he is well aware of the view that there is something else which contributes to the fusion of all of these contents into something recgonisable as a human being.

Chinchilla is more expensive than mink. I suppose, in its defense, it does answer a need, on the part of some teachers and institutions, and maybe even students, to know how to operationalise the CEFR descriptors, within the parameters of a basically coursebook-driven, PPP methodology.

The CEFR struck me as a pretty cool document. I might have misunderstood their intent, but I fear someone might ocuncil made an embarrassing misjudgment here and wonder if we should all stop talking about it now. New National Qualifications Support learning — assessment follows the curriculum Support aims, purposes.


Guardian Weekly, Tuesday 9 November Those CEF stickers were impossible to remove without leaving a nasty hole on the cover.

Twitter Facebook Email Print. Regrettably, our institution, like every other, does not cater for such students. Readiness to acquire structure x? Just my humble cuoncil, though…. Thanks, Scott, for another excellent post! I have a background in the history of science and this really reminds me of the head in the sand resistance of the authorities of old to the changing world views which have periodically shaken orthodoxy. If bditish wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

I find it quite worrying that, after deifying the CEFR and taking its principles and assumptions for granted, we continue to break down the language into discrete manageable chunks and we continue to not just prescribe but regulate the content of language teaching by simply making official the lists which publishers have been compiling for years based on the collective lack of wisdom of the profession. It certainly goes against the spirit of open enquiry which should characterise any discipline worth its salt.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Thanks, Julia, for that thoughtful and detailed eaquzls of the Britissh Profile project. Much more accurate information about spoken language. A further activity is for higher level students to choose a random item from the list every morning and try and surreptitiously include it in as many of the conversations they have during the day eaqusls possible. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.