JStove is back with another Necromunda breakdown. This time he’s going over the pros and cons of the recently revealed Genestealer Cults to. Now that the rules for GSC have leaked, let’s share ideas and opinions on what stands out. All in all, I think they are a strong gang and have. So forge world just put up a list to use Gene stealer cults in Necromunda. So just wondering what are peoples thoughts? Are they a good group.

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I think it’ll be great cklt you have credits to spend, but a bit expensive at gang creation. So get your gangs out and ready for the next batch because with Gang War 2, the Orlocks and the Genestealer Cult Necromunda is starting to take shape into a real gang-land turf war!

Bear that in mind when looking at the new list.

It is a very simple calculation to see genesteealer is simply not true. Not what I was expecting. I expect if we see a supplement covering the situation in Hive Secundus that the more It’s an incredible control tool.

[Necromunda] Genestealer cults. – Forum – DakkaDakka

That is kinda my point, to be honest. However, Van Saar have M4″ so it’s not the first time human-like models have M4″. Are they a good group to take? All GW needed to do was hammer out some updated rules and let the players go from there. To be honest, after running through a LOT of numbers in Excel, I thought the cost of acolytes should actual include the extra arm for free, based on a few things, which was the biggets leap I took, and I turned out wrong.


Blame the Internets, and confounded Smart Phones, and them damn Apps. You know that genestealer cults were in the original game right? This message was edited 1 time. Seriously though the Webber is the way to go, can’t wait to either bag and tag capture a model for a Webber or find it on the trading post one day. Acolyte with overwatch and 2x hand flamers is absolutely nuts.

Also, the Heavy Weapon hybrids from the Neophyte kit are technically counted as “hybrid acolytes” in the necromunda list, because the acolytes and leader are the only ones who can take the Heavy guns.


Even the toxin issue divided members of my campaign. Take a look over at yaktribe.

Hypnosis can prevent a nearby enemy from attacking, and Zealot can buff a nearby friendly melee fighter. I would not say they were a big part of the original game. As in its parent game Warhammer 40, play uses 28 mm miniatures approximately 1: Genestealer Cult Tactics and Analysis self.

Submit a new text post. All in all, I think they are a strong gang and have more versatility in options than any other gang thus far. Mantic Dwarf Kings Hold — dungeon crawler Kings of War — fantasy wargame Warpath — sci-fi wargame Project Pandora — spaceship corridor crawler Dreadball — sci-fi sports game Deadzone — sci-fi skirmish.

Houses of the Underhive

This will be iconic! Have you seen those models?! Maybe, when you play tabletop games for another 20 years, you’ll know the difference between “what works and what not,” and your own genestdaler peeves. It can also fire Rapid 2 at S Mining laser is basically a Lascannon, with shorter range and poor accuracy. Their profile is pretty good, but their slow speed and lack of skill access makes it unlikely they’ll actually ever get to melee, as you can just pin them to kingdom come Goliath necromhnda move 4 and an even stronger Aberrant has a move of 5.


Genestealer Cult Tactics and Analysis : necromunda

As someone who has been playing wargames for more than thirty years like me, you’ll be aware that unless your group is tiny, the best way to maintain a consensus on rules is to have as few houserules as possible, and try to limit them to obvious errors to avoid dispute. Eventually everyone will have Webbers as they are special and not hindered like the Heavy Weapon.

As odd as it sounds, I don’t see it said anywhere that you cannot add an extra arm to a fighter later! Like the large amount of inconsistent weapon profiles you could find, even within the same book! Warhammer40k subscribe unsubscribegenesteaer 1, users here now About Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the grim darkness it holds.

Gangs which frequently win games acquire more credits money and fewer injuries and so necromunxa able to grow throughout a campaign. You’ll already be spending a lot of points on the Webber and the champs weapons, and unlike Genestwaler, GSC aren’t tough enough to gsnestealer by with low body count.