From Wikipedia: Grail Quest is a series of gamebooks by J. H. Brennan. The books are illustrated by John Higgins (I). The series is (usually) set in King Arthur’s. Note: Some of these gamebooks were planned for addition but This page showcases some of the best gamebook and solo .. GrailQuest. GrailQuest is a set of Choose Your Own Adventure-type game books by J.H. Brennan, with eight books in the series: The Castle of Darkness (); The Den of.

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Castle of Darkness

The Castle of Darkness 2. Lists with This Book. You will need all your wits about you if you are to defend your people and reach your destination intact. We are still doing our best to keep the site open and free and will appreciate your support to help it stay that way.

Grailquest 2 Character Sheet front. Description and comments on this rare gamebook series from Demian’s superb gamebook site:.

Create new account Request new password. Recommended Fabled Lands links: The two main writers were Oliver Johnson and Mark Smith, sometimes in tandem, mostly by themselves.

Second Person Translated Into: It was somewhere around this time that the Tolkien estate objected to these books — apparently they considered them to be books, not games, and thus not covered by I. The rules, which make use of six-sided dice sets of which were included attached to some issuesare very much in the Fighting Fantasy, vein, though their exact details vary from issue to issue. Where else were you recruited by Merlin? Storytrails The Evil of Mr.


The books are illustrated by John Higgins I. Soundway to Reading – Which Way Books 2. Legion of The Dead GrailQuest. Warlock of Firetop Mountain.

Pip also receives ten new firefingers different from the firefingers on the previous book and two new fireballs.

GrailQuest (Literature) – TV Tropes

The Castle of Darkness is the first in J. He initially trained in esoteric teachings and Qabalah with the Fraternity of the Inner Light, and later became associated with Dolores As James Herbert ” Herbie ” Brennan is a lecturer and the author of over one hundred fiction and non-fiction books for adults, teens, and children.

The reader takes on the role of Pip, a young person living in a farm during the time of King Arthur’s Avalon. The combat system has been extended to incorporate the concepts of honour and shame, two important facets of ancient Greek culture.

This series casts the reader as Pip, a youth chosen by Merlin to perform quests in the service of King Arthur.

Despite their mechanical simplicity and the fact that like most tamebooks they’re aimed at children, they feel like they’re aimed at a more mature audience than most of their American counterparts. Collections Grailquest Boxed Set Gamebooks 1.

TutorText on Nutritional Cooking. Castle of Lost Souls. On the whole, these puzzles are quite easy, since the books were written for kids age in mind.

Roger rated it it was amazing Jan 07, There is no defence roll, but damage is reduced by a set amount by any armor the character is wearing. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Merlin then resurrects Pip, who has to start from the beginning of the adventure again – although some books will only require him to start from a certain point, such as Gateway of Doom allows Pip to restart at the beginning of the Ghastly Kingdom of the Dead, or Realm of Chaos allows him to start from the beginning of a certain location.


Decent writing and good replayability due to many choices and even character types make this series worth a look, however.

Overall, a fun gamebook series that fans of the games will enjoy, grailquestt the puzzles are gamebioks too easy to grzilquest any gamebook fan. Group – a great discussion group and a place where dedicated fans are making PDFs for books Aaron Thorne’s Fabled Lands Page – informative page with great reviews of each book in the series.

Apr 22, Michael Kelly rated it it was amazing. Grail Quest 8 books. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Diceman The Diceman series is an early, interesting combination of gamebooks and graphic novels, introduced in as a spin-off of the UK’s popular and non-interactive AD weekly comic magazine. It is like an old gaming arcade with all the old games in their original format.

This choose-your-adventure series is so well written it’s almost amazing.

Many gamebooks, especially “solo RPG” adventures such as the Fighting Fantasy series, require you to roll dice to determine combat outcomes.