Look for my next book, A Theology of Love: Reimagining Christianity through “A Course in Miracles.” Out from Inner Traditions International in November The website maintained by Richard Smoley. Inner Christianity A clear-eyed but compassionate approach to the real meaning of Christian love—in all its. Richard Smoley is an author and philosopher focusing on the world’s mystical and esoteric Smoley’s second and best-known book, Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition, was published in by Shambhala Publications.

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Esoteric Christianity calls it the Son; the Logos; Sophia, or “wisdom”; or the kingdom of heaven. Insights from Mystical Christianity.

If consciousness is “that which relates self and other,” then “love is what unites self and other. Consequently, they launched into a vigorous campaign against Gnosticism.

My Works – Richard Smoley

In this book Smoley traces the history of Gnostic and other esoteric currents of Western civilization — including ManichaeismCatharismthe Rosicrucian legacy, Freemasonry, Kabbalah, and Theosophy. Working with a Jewish convert to Christianity named Flavius Mithridates, who translated a number of Kabbalistic texts into Latin at breakneck speed, the precocious Pico — then only twenty-three — emerged in with nine hundred theses for public debate, many of them Kabbalistically inspired.

Dec 29, Arthur added it. It is as if the cosmic Adam had been infected with an autoimmune disease. A legacy that I found to be, much to my surprise, also deeply at home within a Christianity rarely acknowledged by church hierarchs and virtually invisible to the general public.

It also reaches across the West-East spiritual divide monotheistic, personal religion versus impersonal, nondual religious thought to look at patterns, associations and categories that different cultures at different times have used to make sense of the world and the challenges offered by events of the world to human needs for justice and orderliness.


Second, many concepts, such as “love”, which only has one word in English but at least four in the Greek, is understood not as being alienated and exclusive of each other, but ‘inclusive’ and part and parcel of what is the totality of understanding love in the human experience. To discuss a tradition like this is inevitably to reformulate and reinterpret it.

Like I said, this isn’t an Oprah book club read-in-a-weekend thing, but something to be taken in doses and reflected upon. That chrixtianity Christian faith may originally have been closer to an occult lodge or a secret society than to a religion should not come as a complete surprise. Unlike Origen, however, and most other Christian sources, Smoley regards Jesus as no more divine than anyone else.

Robert Powell, for permission to reprint excerpts from Meditations on the Tarot, published by Amity House, ; reprinted by Jeremy P. Only be sure to cultivate a sense of the presence of yourself as you sit in your chair.

Instead, it is a place that is evil because the inhabitants are evil. Although it is sometimes misrepresented as a compendium of feel-good nostrums, actually it amoley a inneer form of mental discipline that, if scrupulously observed, would lead one to exclude all thoughts of hate and negativity.

While this distinction may seem quite abstract, it is not. Valentinus, one of the greatest of the Gnostics, traced his teachings back to Paul. Deidre rated it really liked it Jul 05, We can smo,ey these planes as circles. There is a truth that is there, though “hidden”, unless one is realy of an apptitude to do the work of searching it out and consequently applying it to one’s life.

For the Hindus it is atman ; the Dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism speaks of it as rigpa”pure consciousness”; other Buddhists call it “Buddha nature or simply “mind. This remarkable book offers a blueprint for infusing conscious love s,oley human relationships. Some of it is described in the Philokalia, a compilation of inner teachings recorded between the fourth and fifteenth centuries. Moreover, the Gnostic emphasis on inner illumination aroused some discomfort in this nascent ecclesiastical establishment.


Robert Sanchez rated it it was amazing Jun 12, Probably the most famous example is Shambhala, the mythical realm said by Tibetan Buddhists to exist somewhere in sjoley or central Asia and where enlightenment is easy to attain. John of the Cross: Sep 29, Rafi rated it hcristianity was amazing Recommends it for: To this effect he quotes an interview with Thomas Edison:.

He speaks honestly to his readers as he recounts, elaborates and debunks. They have tried to withdraw from it into enclaves of their own making, educating children at home and avoiding intercourse with the community at large.

Which is a matter of ethics and morals, the province of the world’s religious traditions.

Inner Christianity: A Guide to the Esoteric Tradition

There are levels above and below ours; at death we have the occasion either to progress on the spiral, rising to higher levels, to descend, or to stay more or less on the same plane. In some hells there is nothing but brothels that look disgusting and are full of all kinds of filth and excrement. Nonetheless, something will survive. Leadbeater in the early twentieth century, which remains closely connected to Theosophy.